Monday, 11 January 2010

Why not host a Snowman Making Party....

A favorite winter activity of children is building a snowman. Whether it is a tiny one built with the first snow of the season or a tall one made out of the results of a foot of snow, it is something most children love to do. Plan ahead and you can host an impromptu Snowman Making Party for your children and their friends.

Some forethought will need to go into this party as predicting when it will snow can be difficult. Even the meteorologists get it wrong. Have everything that need on hand and that way you can host this party when the conditions are right for it.

Start putting together a box of snowman parts now. Find a cardboard box and fill it with mittens, old hats, charcoal briquettes (for coal), long sticks, and some buttons. Carrots will best keep in your refrigerator, so have some of those on hand too.

Put together some party favors or prizes too. You will want to have something to award for the most creative snowman, the tallest snowman, the best dressed snowman, etc. Figure out a way to recognize everyone's effort. The most important thing is that your children and their guests have fun while building their snowmen.

Once everyone is outside making snowmen, it is your turn to get busy in the kitchen. Make a fresh batch of cookies and some hot chocolate for everyone to warm up with when they are finished. Make sure that your pantry is stocked with all the ingredients that you will need.

The hardest part will be waiting for the perfect snowfall. When it does happen it is time to get busy. Invite your guests over by calling them or just knocking on their door. They will love the surprise Snowman Making Party. It is great way to beat cabin fever.

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Great tips to build the perfect snowman.

How to Make a Basic Snowman
Put your waterproof gloves or mittens on, and grab a handful of snow. If the snow's just wet enough to pack into a tight ball, it's perfect for building. Call your helpers (the more the merrier) and get started.

Begin with a small ball, packing it thoroughly, until it gets too big to hold in your hand. Now, roll that ball slowly across your lawn and watch it grow. Keep rolling and packing until you have a fairly symmetrical, large, round ball for the snowman's bottom section.

Make a smaller ball for the midsection, and a still smaller ball for the head. Place the midsection on the bottom and the head on the middle (helpers come in handy), and stick the balls together with some extra snow or a well-placed branch. That's the foundation of your perfect New Year's snowman.

Backyard Tactics: Less Traditional Techniques
If rolling, lifting and packing snowballs is too much work, use buckets to gather your snow. Dump it out, and slap it around until it looks like a person. Groups can even compete to see who can assemble a five foot snowman the fastest. Make sure you keep the hot drinks and cookies coming, throw a few snowballs, and make snow angels After all, it's about having a great time together.

Strength in Numbers
Your snowman needs friends, too. Create a fun display on your grass. Snow dogs, with bandanas and glasses, make cute companions for your snowman, and olives make great snow dog noses! You can give Mr. Snowman a snow wife and snow kids. One Lake Tahoe, Calif. snowman contest winner created a snow knight, complete with horse and dragon. The sky (as blustery as it is) is the limit!

Lawn Art: Be Creative
There's an art to dressing your new snowy friend. Push sticks into the middle section, twisting them in a corkscrew motion to get them in securely, and repacking the snow to hold them in place, if necessary. You don't want to amputate your snowman's limbs when adding clothes! Give him a face, using dark, round items for eyes. Candy and produce make colorful and interesting noses and mouths.

Dress your snowman for success. Top hats tend to blow away if your yard is windy, so tie the hat on, or use a knitted cap instead.

Be as traditional or outrageous as you want to be. While a corncob-piped, carrot-nosed Christmas snowman will always be in style, a snowman (or snow-woman) that reflects your personality can be tremendous fun. Use what you have around the house to clothe your snowman: dress it as a doctor, a rock star, a waiter (complete with tray!), a grass-skirted hula girl, or a celebrity--just have fun with your creation.

Build Memories, Too
Take plenty of pictures. The sun will return, and you'll part ways with your lawn friends. Take care to preserve your wonderful snowman and remember the fun you had making it. Finally, don't worry if your snow creation turns out a little lumpy, or doesn't look like Frosty. Remember that the "perfect" snowman is the one that makes you smile.